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Diddlebury Parish Council's Repsonse to proposed telecommunications mast in Diddlebury Village
31st July 2017


Development Management South West Team           27th July, 2017


Shropshire Council


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Dear Sirs


Re:  17/03071/TEL – application by Vodafone Ltd and  CTIL for the installation of a 15 metre high monopole, accommodating 3 x antennas and 2 x 600mm dishes and 3 equipment cabinets all located within a 7 metre by 7 metre stock proof fenced compound at the Severn Trent Pumping Station at The Moors, Diddlebury SY7 9JZ


Diddlebury Parish Council considered this application at its meeting last night and now comments as follows.


In drafting this response the Parish Council has considered the objections and concerns raised by Diddlebury residents and has considered the Development Management Report drafted by planning officer Mr. Tim Rogers, which will form the basis of the Southern Planning Committee’s decision at its consideration of this application on Tuesday 1st August 2017.  We note his recommendation is that permission should be granted as Prior Approval is Not Required due to government legislation (which is set out in his report) and on the financial implications of refusing permission.


In his report Mr Rogers fairly sets out the views of the Parish Council when it considered this matter as a pre-planning application on 17th May 2017 and he sets out at length the concerns of the headmaster and teachers of Corvedale Primary School, which is located 240 metres from the proposed mast.  He also sets out the concerns and scientific data put forward by local residents, particularly those of The Moors who will be living – with some 25 children in total – within 80 metres of this proposed mast.


Despite the very evident health and safety concerns of the inhabitants of Diddlebury, Mr Rogers has been constrained in his decision by government policy which he sets out at paragraph 6.3.2 of his Report, vis:


“Local planning authorities must determine applications on planning grounds.  They should not seek to prevent competition between different operators, question the need for the telecommunications systems or determine health safeguards if the proposal meets International Commission guidelines for public exposure.”


 It is evident that the government requires planning authorities to completely disregard human health factors and the genuine concerns of the electorate, in stark contrast to the protection it will afford to reptiles, amphibians, hedgehogs, newts and bats (see Appendix 1 of the report).


DPC strongly oppose this application based on the grounds of overwhelming public concern despite the approved health acceptance rating and the consequences that this concern could have on the future viability of the local primary school and feeling of wellbeing for the residence of the village, especially those living in the affordable housing in The Moors, due to their proximity to the proposed mast. This is compounded by the fact that no real alternative sites have been explored where the above fears and concerns could be alleviated despite the existence of these sites and in one case the apparent willingness of the landowner to accept a mast.


A second strand of opposition is based on the negative impact that the visibility of the mast will have in an area renowned for its scenic attraction to visitors.


DPC strongly supports the principle of the erection of a mast to improve reception but feel that its placement should fit in with the wishes of the local community. It would urge Shropshire Council to look beyond the principle of permitted development and prior approval not being needed, to support the local community in this.


 Yours faithfully


 Jean de Rusett


Clerk to Diddlebury Parish Council






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