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 Diddlebury Village Hall

Diddlebury Village Hall is situated in the centre of Diddlebury Village between the School and Church. 

The village hall building was constructed in the years after the Second World War.
The village hall is a much loved building and has been the venue for many events ranging from weekly Girl Guide meetings to exuberant Young Farmers' discos over the years.
To book Diddlebury Village Hall for your Function or Event please call Sally on 01584 841265.
Diddlebury Village Hall Website
Diddlebury Village Hall has its own website which can be accessed by clicking the following link
8 February 2016

What funding do we already have?

The Big Lottery Fund has awarded Diddlebury Village Hall charity £576,000 towards the Renewal Project. This takes us a long way towards the total needed to complete the Project.

Do we need additional funding?

Yes, we need to raise £30,000 to meet the Lottery's requirements plus more to provide all the improvements that we would really like to implement.  Some has already been raised and further grants and donations are being sought.

When is construction due to start?

The tendering, evaluation and selection process, which has to meet the Big Lottery requirements, will take around five months. We are therefore looking at May/June before work will start. This will take up to 9 months to complete.

Will construction affect car parking at the Hall?

Yes it will. The contactors require access and some of the area around the Hall will be fenced off for safety reasons. The Committee will be consulting with the Architect, School, Parish Council, Church and Community to minimise the impact of this

How do I find more information?

Village HallWebsite:

 To join the Email circulation group please e-mail: ""

Facebook :

Twitter address is: @DiddleburyVhall

Update 1 August 2016

In preparation for the Refurbishment work the Hall contents have been removed and are being installed in a fully insured storage unit. Many thanks to Alan & Jane Cronin, Dave & Val Francis, Mike & Sally Woodhouse, & Ian Fothingham  for devoting most of their weekend to the task.

The Village Hall construction team met with the School and agreed access and health and safety issues.

At a meeting with the building professionals on Friday 29th July the following was agreed:

  • I J Preece and Sons Ltd of Hereford were formally appointed as main contractors
  • Start date of the project is Monday 8th August 2016
  • Forecast end Date of the project is Friday 2nd June 2017
  • Total number of project weeks is 43 weeks including statutory holidays and two weeks holiday at Christmas and one weeks holiday at Easter
  • Working hours 7.35hrs to 17.00hrs - Monday to Friday

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