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Diddlebury Parish Flood Action Group

Progress Report March 2021

As part of the Shropshire Flood Action Group Forum, we have attended Zoom Meetings with several senior members of the Shropshire Council including Professor Mark Barrow (Director of Place), Steve Smith (Assistant Director of Infrastructure) and John Bellis (Flood Risk Manager) and also senior members of the Severn Trent Water Services Company. These face to face meetings are useful in that they give us a direct link to individuals who are near the top of the relevant decision making processes in the Council and to who we can appeal if our contacts lower down the hierarchy are being stymied by bureaucracy.

The Shropshire Council have indicated that they are willing and able to provide funding to Flood Action Groups for the provision of things such as sand bags (or their modern equivalent – Flood Sax), Road signs for use during flooding and so on. The Forum has carried out a survey of all its member Groups to quantify what is needed and the results of this will be passed to the Council for action. As part of this process we have been updating our Flood Response Plan (FRP) so as to ascertain what is needed locally. Our FRP is predicated on triggers which in Diddlebury are the flow levels in the Diddle Brook as shown on the level gauge by the road bridge. As there are no equivalent gauges in the Pye Brook, we are pushing for the provision of a new flow level gauge in the Pye Brook above Bouldon so that settlements downstream have some early warning of flooding. The one in Diddlebury has proved to be very useful.

In line with the above, we are trying to recruit a volunteer in each of the settlements we cover to act on our behalf at times of flooding – first preference being the Core Group Member in that location. In particular, we are looking for anyone who has useful skills (first aid etc) or useful equipment (4x4 etc). We also could do with sites for storage of sand bags etc in most settlements. The NFF offer training to Volunteers and have also set up Insurance products to cover the actions of all such volunteers (including those involved in regular stream clearances, litter picking etc). We are currently investigating these to see which we need as a Group.

There is a good chance of ongoing funding for the Slow the Flow project in the Corvedale after the end of the current one which has now been completed. The Report of this Project which will include the Report from Cardiff University on the effectiveness of leaky dams, will be published in the next month or so.

Otherwise we continue with the usual grind of trying to get Highways to clear blocked gulleys (like the perennially blocked one in Mill Lane, Diddlebury) and more urgently, the undermined wall in Bouldon.

We have applied to the Shropshire Council for a new Ordinary Watercourse Consent (OWC) which we need in order to carry out any work in the Diddle Brook. Our current one expires in May.

We continue to monitor all incoming Planning Applications thanks to the assistance of the DPC.

We have requested £50 from the DPC for the FAG to top up the amount already allocated.

Although we have not been able to hold any Meetings for what seems like years, the work of the FAG goes on.

Geoff Neden

7th March 2021