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6th March 2019

Please follow the link below to read about the latest scam phone calls purportedly from 'HMRC'


6th March 2019

Please see attached press release about a specialist team which is starting to transform care for elderly people in Shropshire, and which is starring in a new national video by NHS England.

The Frailty Intervention Team, based at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital, was originally started as an idea by Shropshire Clinical Commissioning Group and The Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust to help local elderly people avoid being admitted onto a hospital ward where they risk lengthier stays and recovery periods.

24th February 2019

Thursday 7th March. 7.30. pm start

Teams of up to 4. £5.00 entry per team.

Proceeds to the Lingen Davies Centre for cancer at Shrewsbury Hospital

Ring 01584-841811 to book a team in or Dave Hedgley 01584 841068.

21st February 2019

This year’s Great British Spring Clean, which runs from 22nd March to 23rd April, will see up to half a million people taking action to clean up streets, parks and beaches across the country. The campaign aims to bring together individuals, community organisations, businesses and councils, to make a difference to the environment on our doorstep. This is an opportunity for people who care about the environment on their doorstep to do something positive that will make a visible difference. . The campaign is supported by David Rutley, Minister at the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

You can sign up to join the Great British Clean 2019 at https://www.keepbritaintidy.org/

19th February 2019

For residents in the parish who still suffer from poor broadband, there may be a solution in sight. Airband is a different type of broadband and is transmitted through radio rather than the phone network, so can reach people who are stuck at the end of the phonelines.
Airband delivers speeds of 30Mbs download and 2Mbs upload. In layman’s speak, that’s fast enough to work from home in one room, while the kids stream music and watch online TV upstairs, without buffering!
The technology does rely on having a ‘line of sight’ to the local mast, but the company does a free desk survey, then a qualified engineer will visit to do a site survey to make sure that you get an excellent service, before any monies are taken. The expansion of the Airband network has been part fund by Shropshire Council through the Connecting Shropshire programme.
Airband’s prices start from £10 per month for a 10GB package, which is perfect for the lighter internet user, up to £42 for an unlimited homeworker package, so there’s something to suit everyone.
Low Usage: 2-10GB per month
Low Usage would typically encompass basic web browsing and emails. Basic web browsing could be made up of online shopping, banking, social networking and news reading.
Medium Usage: 10-30GB per month
In this instance, Medium Usage would generally include your typical web browsing, but also TV, Music and Film Streaming. Streaming is dependent on the quality of definition that you choose to stream TV programmes or films in, so for example, if your household streams two 1-hour programmes from BBC iPlayer per week, that could equate to sound 9.5GB of data per month.
High Usage: 30GB – Unlimited per month
High Usage would include the likes of all of the above, plus online gaming and/or film downloading. Games vary greatly in the amount of data that they use, so whilst some games could use 20MB per hour, some games can use anything up to 1GB per hour. The downloading of films also sucks up a lot of your data, one film in HD per week could use up to 20GB of data per month.
Airband also has business packages that can be tailored to meet individual companies’ needs.
Find out if your home or business is covered call 01952 980 123 or (if you can) check online: www.airband.co.uk/coverage