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5th September 2020

Advance Notice

Meeting of Diddlebury Parish Council

7.30pm 23rd September 2020

This will be a virtual meeting that complies with Government Covid-19 guidance Members of the Public are welcome

Attend the meeting via the Internet or telephone

How to attend the meeting via the Internet*

Click this link shortly before the meeting is due to start to attend our Parish Council Zoom Meeting https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88619208171?pwd=S0lqd282aVY0aWg5dFhXV3AzTGl sUT09

Enter the Passcode: 265216

How to attend using your telephone

Dial in and enter:

Meeting ID: 886 1920 8171

Passcode: 265216

0131 460 1196

0203 051 2874

0203 481 5237

0203 481 5240

*Helpdesk: If you think you may have difficulty in attending via Zoom please contact diddleburypczoom@gmail.com for assistance

25th August 2020

To view the Corvedale News for September 2020 please click on the document below

28th July 2020

To view the Corvedale News for August 2020 please click on the document below

15th July 2020

Proposed residential development for the erection of 12 Dwellings and operational development support (revised scheme) on land to the east of The Moors View, Diddlebury.

DPC has decided, based on advice from the National Association of Local Government and taking present Government advice into consideration, that the best practical and safest way to deal with this planning application is via a Zoom meeting.

This meeting will be held online via Zoom on Wednesday 12th August at 7pm.

We would encourage people to send their views to Shropshire Council’s Planning Portal, which is done by logging on to Shropshire Planning, quoting the planning number – 20/02519/OUT.  DPC will read and take note of all public comments logged on the Planning Portal and such comments will also form part of the Planning Officer’s considerations. Alternatively, email your comments directly to DPC using a dedicated email address – diddleburypczoom@gmail.com . DPC will take note of all the comments received and these comments will form the basis of DPC’s consideration of the public consultation on the matter.

People who wish to join in with the Zoom meeting on the 12th August are requested to email the clerk usingzdiddleburypczoom@gmail.com. with a request to do so no later than Tuesday 11th August. Email invitations, as is normal with ZOOM meetings, will then be sent to them allowing them to request admission to the meeting at the appropriate time by following the instructions in the invitation, which will contain the necessary Meeting ID and Password.

The format of the meeting will be as per the EGM Agenda, which will be publicised on DPC’s website, in the Corvedale News, on the Corvedale Google Group and displayed on notice boards around the parish prior to the meeting.

The public responses considered in the meeting by DPC will be based on the written submissions to the Planning Portal and those sent to the clerk. DPC will also be prepared to hear from a few people representing groups of residents, such as the PPSG, FAG and the applicants’ representatives. These groups can request to participate in the Zoom meeting by emailing  the clerk using diddleburypczoom@gmail.com  to make their intentions to participate known.  Hopefully by doing this we will be in a position to record the parish council’s views on the application as well as having given parishioners and the applicants a say, and thus register our views for other bodies relevant future planning consideration.

Even though the meeting will be held on Zoom the conduct of the meeting will reflect normal meeting protocols.

D. Hedgley

Chair of Diddlebury Parish Council.

14th July 2020       

6th July 2020

Unfortunately, the 2020 Corvedale and District Autumn Show has been cancelled.