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We Don’t Buy Crime – Smartwater Kits
2nd December 2020

Diddlebury Parish Council has purchased 288 Smartwater Kits. The kits are free to Diddlebury parishioners and are currently being posted out to each household in the parish.

Each bottle of Smartwater contains a unique forensic code which will be held on an accredited data base.  That code will be registered to the occupiers of each household.  If, having marked their valuables with the Smartwater fluid, the goods are subsequently stolen but recovered by the Police, Smartwater will use the unique code to link goods back to their rightful owner. An additional advantage of the Smartwater system is the Police will be placing prominent notices around the parish advising would-be burglars that Diddlebury is a Smartwater area.  Statistics compiled have shown that burglars are deterred by the knowledge that goods stolen by them will be traceable. As some adjoining parishes have also adopted the Smartwater system, it is hoped in time the Corvedale may become a theft free area.

In some instances we do not have details of the occupiers of properties.  If you do not receive a kit by January 2021 please contact the Clerk:  Mrs J de Rusett, 1 Pipe Aston Barns, Pipe Aston, Ludlow, SY8 2HG Tel: 01568 770741, so we can arrange to get a kit to you.

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