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Community Led Housing Scheme (CLHS)
27th January 2021

Diddlebury Parish Council (DPC) has resolved to investigate a possible CLHS for the parish. Such schemes aim to create entry level properties or small developments which are truly affordable for local residents or for former residents wishing to return to the parish who have previously been unable to find suitably priced properties within the parish. Houses generally can be rented or purchased but must offer a significant discount to market value rents and property prices.

CLHS typically run in conjunction with a specialist provider such as a housing association which has protocols to ensure that they meet the affordable criteria over the long term. The biggest challenge to this scheme is identifying suitable land within the parish. Examples of land that could be used for this purpose are small parts of accessible fields, large redundant gardens or redundant buildings or farm complexes. If you own such a site and are interested in its use for a CLHS then DPC would like to hear from you. People’s views on such a project are also welcome.


Contact the clerk of DPC at: 1, Pipe Aston Barn, Pipe Aston, Ludlow, SY8 2HG

Tel:01568 770741 or email

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