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Services for April 2019


7 April

Lent 5

14 April

Palm Sunday

21 April

Easter Day

28 April

Easter 2

5 May

Easter 3




9:00am HC 6:00pm EP  
Broadstone   of      
Culmington 11:15am HC

Holy Communion

with Palm Sunday


11:30am HC

8:30am HC


11:15am HC
Diddlebury 9:45am HC 10:00am at 11:30am HC 11:15am FS 9:45am HC
Holdgate 8:30am HC Diddlebury 9:00am HC   8:30am HC
Munslow 6:00pm EP

Stations of the

Cross 6:00pm

at Munslow

10:15am HC 9:45am HC 6:00pm EP
Tugford     10:15am HC    

Lent Services

Compline and Address: 7.30pm on Wednesdays -

3 April at Abdon, 10 April at Tugford

Holy Week

Monday 15th, Tuesday 16th, Wednesday 17th - 7:30pm Compline at Broadstone

Thursday 18th, Maundy Thursday - 7:30pm Holy Communion followed by Vigil and Tenebrae at Munslow

Friday 19th, Good Friday - Children's Service with refreshments afterwards 10:00am at Diddlebury; Sung Compline 5:00pm at Culmington; 7:30pm Reflective Service of Words and Music at Abdon

Sunday 20th, Easter Eve - 7.30pm Easter Vigil at Tugford

Key: HC = Holy Communion, EP = Evensong, FS = Family Service