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Further to the recent survey regarding the new Firewood for local communities project below is an order form for the first deliveries!

Futhermore, WCLT are offering £5 off your first order!

Non-members can also order for a small fee so if you know anyone who could benefit from this scheme then please feel free to pass on the information.  Please note as this is a pilot project we are only able to supply the following postcodes: WV16, WV15, SY7, SY8 

If you would like to order please return the attached order form indicating which delivery window you would like. 

WCLT will invoice on delivery.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Elizabeth Thain, Membership Development Officer- Fuel Buying Scheme

01743 342 167

You can now join the Fuel Buying Scheme online by following the link below.



Shropshire RCC and Wyre Community Land Trust present...Firewood for Local Communities- A Pilot Project.

As part of your Fuel Buying Scheme membership you will soon be able to access bulk prices for firewood in addition to cheaper oil.

The Firewood for local communities project, aims to supply hardwood firewood to communities and individuals on a bulk basis to support the sustainable management of ancient woodlands in the Wyre Forest.

Initially this offer will only be open to members in receipt of this email who live within a defined area, however, if successful the aim is to roll this out to all our members across Shropshire.

Please help us by competing this short survey (less than 2 minutes!) https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/5XHR57S and registering your interest. 

You will find more information about the product below.

The Logs

The logs to be supplied are air dried for a season or more so that the moisture content is reduced to below 25% and sold in cubic metres.

There are several ways we can supply logs…


Bulk bags (like builders bags) are specially designed for logs and have

a wide mesh that lets airflow through the logs and helps them dry.

We have several sizes of log bags, 0.5 m3, 0.75m3 and 1.0m3.


We supply logs in purpose made log stores. These are good for

people with limited storage space or who need easy access to logs.

These are delivered on pallet trucks which mean they can be

placed anywhere flat next to the house. They look attractive and

when empty we can just bring another full one. The first time the

customer picks up a log is to take it to their log burner. There

would normally be a deposit for the log store, but potentially there

could be a monthly subscription charge to spread the cost.


The most simple way to deliver loose logs is by trailer

and simply tip and leave them. These would be in cubic metre loads or larger.



It is possible to supply unprocessed green timber in bulk. This

would normally be 1.2 metres long branch wood which would need

cutting, splitting and seasoning. It is a cheap way to buy firewood,

but would ideally need the logs to be seasoned for a season before


bulk price*

Log Bags (1m3)           £70

Log Store System        £80

Loose Logs                   £60

Unprocessed logs        £35

*These prices are an initial guide only

Elizabeth Thain

Membership Development Officer- Fuel Buying Scheme

01743 342 167

You can now join the Fuel Buying Scheme online by following the link below.





Cheaper LPG - Now available through the Shropshire RCC Fuel Buying Scheme

The wait is over!

Working in partnership with Swift Energy and FloGas, Shropshire RCC is delighted to offer reduced prices for both bulk LPG and LPG cylinders.


Bulk LPG

Are you near the end of your current contract, or even out of contract? We are currently able to provide bulk LPG at just 41p per litre* which could save you up to £300 per anum.

The deal includes:

  • Telemetry system
  • £100 fuel discount (new household members only)
  • 2 year contract, price fixed at 41ppl for 9 months
  • New supplier takes ownership of your current tank


LPG cylinders

Shropshire RCC Members are able to purchase LPG cylinders at the following prices*:

  • 13kg Butane    - £26.75 inc vat
  • 11kg Propane - £23.00 inc vat
  • 19kg Propane - £29.00 inc vat
  • 47kg Propane - £59.75 inc vat

- No minimum order requirement.

- Free delivery takes 3-5 working days but can be sooner if the supplier is within the local area.

*These prices are only available to members of the Shropshire RCC Fuel Buying Scheme.

To find out more about cheaper LPG or heating oil please call 01743 342167 or email oil@shropshire-rcc.org.uk


Oil buying scheme

Want to save money on the cost of your heating oil?

Did you know there is now a local fuel buying scheme?

Your local co-ordinator for Corvedale is Geoff Neden - telephone 01584 841815 or email gneden@googlemail.com



Bulk electricity and gas buying schemes

In addition to the local oil buying scheme there are bulk electricity and gas buying schemes available.

The schemes are promoted by the Shropshire Rural Community Council www.shropshire-rcc.org.uk.

For the details of bulk elec and gas scheme please follow this link www.cheaperenergytogether.org.