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(Phone numbers are on the 01584 exchange unless otherwise noted)  
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Local Services and Emergency Numbers    
Electricity problems/power cuts Western Power 0800 6783 105  
Water supply problems Severn Trent Water 0800 743 4444  
County Flood Management Shropshire Council 0345 678 9006 flood@shropshire.gov.uk
Diddlebury Parish Flood Action       
Group Geoff Neden 841815 gneden@googlemail.com 
Ludlow Minor Injuries Unit Community Hospital 874297  
    (out of hours 111)  
Shropdoc (out of hours service) Doctors Co-operative 0333 222 6655  
Police (non-emergency) West Mercia Police 101 contactus@westmercia.police.uk
Voluntary Car Scheme Craven Arms Good 01588 673732  
  Neighbours (9.00am to 12 noon weekdays)  
Clubs and Societies      
Corvedale Badminton Club Val Fotheringham 841331  
Corvedale Book Group Cath Burley      cathburley@hotmail.com
Corvedale Choir Ros Crouch 841053  
Corvedale Folk Club Ian Fotheringham 841331  
Corvedale Dancing Group Valerie Francis or 841296  
  Kath Worthington 841606  
Corvedale Garden Group Cath Burley      cathburley@hotmail.com
Corvedale Walking & Footpath       
Group John Farley  875162  
Westhope Clover Club Mary Hall 861282 c/o kimevans72@googlemail.com
Women's Institutes      
Diddlebury & Westhope WI Judy McNally  861403 judy_dick@hotmail.com
Munslow WI Jenny Rose    841251 gandjrose@mypostoffice.co.uk
Parish Clerks      
Abdon & Heath Parish Council       
Clerk Lee Durnall  841709 abdonandheathclerk@outlook.com 
Culmington Parish Council Clerk Jayne Disley 861387 culmingtonpc@googlemail.com
Diddlebury Parish Council Clerk Mrs Jean de Rusett 01568 770640 diddleburypc@gmail.com
Munslow Parish Council Clerk Mrs Jean de Rusett 01568 770640 mailjeanderusett@btinternet.com
Village Hall/Club Room Bookings      
Abdon Village Hall  Margaret Buckingham 01746 712296   mbuckingham@home-abdon.co.uk
Beambridge Club Room Frances Sutton 841654  
Culmington Village Hall  Graham Hardy 861418  
Diddlebury Village Hall  Sally Woodhouse 841265/ sallyewhome@yahoo.co.uk
    07813 019010  
Diddlebury Church Room Tonia Greene 01584 841493  
Westhope Village Hall  Tom Hall 861282 c/o kimevans72@googlemail.com
Children's and Youth Organisations      
Corvedale Brownies Catherine Crowther 861276  
Corvedale Primary School Jonathon Brough, 841630 admin@corvedale.shropshire.sch.uk
Corvedale Rainbows Carol Davenport 841349  
Playgroup & Nursery   841707/841630  
Youth Club Sharon Woodfield/ 841316  
  Mary Ulvatt 841381