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4th April 2020

This Easter will be unusual as, for the first time any of us will remember, the church buildings are closed and no services can take place in them. This does not mean that services are not happening! There is a service every Sunday, but due to the current restrictions it takes place at the Rectory. If you have internet access you can watch and join in on YouTube (look for “The Corvedale Churches” on YouTube) and it is also linked to the Corvedale Parishes Facebook page, where you can find details of what we are doing.

If you would like copies of the text of the services I can email them to you – just let me know that you’d like them sending (email: If you know of someone who would like services sheets posted because they are not online I can do that too.

Although I cannot do parish visiting I am available and happy to chat on the phone or by email and to do whatever I can to support and help wherever and however it might be needed – whether that be in ways which are church related or ways which are practical: please get in touch if I can help. If it’s something with which I can’t help I may know someone else who can.

As the church we may not be able to meet together at this time, but we continue to be here for the whole of the Corvedale community - as we are at all times.

With best wishes for a happy Easter, when we get there,


Rev’d John Beesley

Rector of the Corvedale Parishes

30th March 2020

Throughout the Corvedale people will need to ‘self-isolate’ because of the COVID-19 virus.

If you can help with:

  • Picking up shopping
  • Collecting prescriptions
  • Urgent errands
  • A friendly phone call

We would love to hear from you.

Please send details of your name, the village where you live, your phone number, email address and the kind of help you are able to offer to

In next month’s Corvedale News we will publish the resulting ‘Directory of Helping Hands’ and we will also make the information available via the Parish Council website and the Google Group.                 

Thank you

24th March 2020

Help is on hand from your local parish councillors. If you or anyone you know of is in need of help or wants to help during the current Coronavirus crisis, please contact your local parish councillor who will initially try to coordinate help. It is not going to be a short crisis and obviously as time goes on and the Government/Shropshire Council adapt and legislate, things will change.



Contact number

David Hedgley, Chair


01584 841068

Robert Povall, Vice Chair


01584 861284

Tom O’Boyle

Diddlebury village

01584 841690

Stephen Povall


01584 861623

Amie Watson

Diddlebury village

07486 414742

Mike Woodhouse

Bache Mill

01584 841265


David Hedgley, Chair

24th March 2020

Please note the Parish Council meeting scheduled for Wednesday 25 March has been CANCELLED

20th March 2020

You may be not aware that there is a local ‘Diddlebury Parish’ Google group, which runs alongside the Diddlebury Parish website www.

The Google group is a fast and efficient way of getting information to a large number of people. It is particularly useful in circulating information during times of crisis such as flooding or the current COVID-19 pandemic.

If you think you would find this Google Group useful or know of anyone who you think might benefit from membership, please ask them to send an email to me and I will add them to the distribution list. My email address is: You will not be bombarded with emails and can opt out at any time.

Geoff Neden