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Diddlebury Parish Council meets on the fourth Wednesday of every month, except for December, when there is no council meeting.

The March, June and September council meetings are held at Westhope Village Hall, with all other meetings taking place at Diddlebury Village Hall.

Meetings commence at 7.30 pm with an open public involvment session, where parishoners can raise matters of concern with their councillors, followed by the formal council meeting.

18 February 2016

Diddlebury Parish Council Precept 2016-17

In a meeting on the 20th January 2016 the council decided to increase the precept for 2016-17 from its present level of £4,449.00 to £5,149. This will see an actual increase in contributions from Council Tax payers in Band D from £17.54 to £20.27.

The council's projected running costs for next year are £3,960 which will give us a surplus of £1,189.00. This along with a carry-over figure of £4,761 will, less a contingency figure, go along with any contributions from Corvedale School and Diddlebury Village Hall Committee towards renewing the community parking area outside Diddlebury Village Hall. Estimates for this work at present are between £4.000.00+ for a basic make over to £7,000.00+ for a more substantial finish. The council has been saving towards this for the last 3 years and at present is relying upon the good will of Highways to patch up the worst areas. No substantial work will take place until the building work on the village hall is completed. Further cost has to be built into the Precept budget in case DPC's website grant application is unsuccessful. 

The precept has risen by £700 which is the figure needed to cover the increased costs £382.80  the council have incurred in raising the clerk's salary in line with  the NALC pay scale  and with increasing her weekly hours from 4 to 4.5.  In addition the withdrawal of Shropshire Council's support for Diddlebury Parish Community Web site via has left us having initially to cover setting up an alternative site and annual support costs.

At present the only capital project under consideration is the car park surface renewal.

Assets within the parish are being maintained through the work of volunteers. Thanks to the hard work of Sara Thompson DPC's agenda/minutes and any local government documents can be seen on Diddlebury PC

D. Hedgley. Chairman.

10 July 2015

To view the 2015 Annual Return, accounts and auditors certificate for Diddlebury Parish Council please click on the documents below

pdfAnnual Return 2015 (9074.4KB)

pdfNotice of Conclusion of Audit for year ended 31.03.15 (261.67KB)

pdfExternal Auditor's Certificate & Report 2014-2015 (364.9KB)