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28th January 2021

An appeal has been made for people keen on sewing to help make sleepwear for patients at Shropshire’s two acute hospitals.

The nightwear will be for those patients who do not have a spare change of clothes because COVID-19 restrictions or isolation has meant relatives are not able to get to the Princess Royal Hospital in Telford or the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital.

Instead they will be able to wear the gifted nightgowns or pyjamas instead of a standard hospital gown whilst in hospital, and when they are discharged home.

Joanne Yale, Head of Facilities at The Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust, which runs both hospitals, said: “We are appealing for anyone who likes to sew to help our patients and we would welcome night gowns and pyjamas.

“These would be gifted to patients who do not have access to their own nightwear, and this is especially useful when they are discharged as they can take them home with them. 

“Relatives often may not be able to drop off items because they live too far away and are restricted due to COVID-19, or they may be isolating. If we are able to gift their loved ones some nightwear, families will know they have access to a change of clothes that isn’t just a standard hospital gown – but nightwear that is homely, and theirs to keep.

“Any nightwear would need to be small, medium, large or extra-large in size, easy to wear and should be able to provide a high degree of modesty – with no loose threads. They also need to be made from fire retardant material.

“Our fantastic communities have greatly supported our hospitals so much throughout this pandemic by gifting many different items for our staff, and we thought it would be wonderful if they were able to help once more.”

The Trust would also gratefully accept new, shop bought gowns and pyjamas if they fit the same criteria (easy to wear, high degree of modesty, no loose threads and made from fire retardant material).

Anyone who would like to help should please contact we.supportsath@nhs.net or call 01743 261473

28th January 2021

The Shrewsbury and Telford NHS Trust are looking for people to join their new Response Volunteer Scheme at their hospital sites in Shrewsbury and Telford. Volunteers that can respond to service pressures and demands will provide key support to wards and departments, particularly in the difficult winter months, when we see a high rise in demand.

Response volunteers are assigned to a hospital rather than a specific ward or department. These volunteers carry a mobile phone, which means staff can contact them from across the hospital to provide help where it is most needed, when it is most needed. They will be able to do a wide variety of tasks including pharmacy runs, tasks to support the discharge team, delivering patent belongings and messages to the ward and supporting staff welfare.

If you are interested in finding out more about the role and our application process, please contact the Public Participation Team on 01743261473 or email sath.members@nhs.net.

27th January 2021

Diddlebury Parish Council (DPC) has resolved to investigate a possible CLHS for the parish. Such schemes aim to create entry level properties or small developments which are truly affordable for local residents or for former residents wishing to return to the parish who have previously been unable to find suitably priced properties within the parish. Houses generally can be rented or purchased but must offer a significant discount to market value rents and property prices.

CLHS typically run in conjunction with a specialist provider such as a housing association which has protocols to ensure that they meet the affordable criteria over the long term. The biggest challenge to this scheme is identifying suitable land within the parish. Examples of land that could be used for this purpose are small parts of accessible fields, large redundant gardens or redundant buildings or farm complexes. If you own such a site and are interested in its use for a CLHS then DPC would like to hear from you. People’s views on such a project are also welcome.


Contact the clerk of DPC at: 1, Pipe Aston Barn, Pipe Aston, Ludlow, SY8 2HG

Tel:01568 770741 or email   diddleburypc@gmail.com

1st January 2021

The Council now has a range of funding available to help the most vulnerable of Shropshire’s households to manage over the winter months

Please remember that if someone has been told by NHS Test and Trace Service that they must self-isolate and stay at home then they may be eligible for a £500 Test and Trace Support Payment to help financially during their isolation period. For more information about this, the qualifying conditions that have to be met and to claim online please follow this link: https://www.shropshire.gov.uk/benefits/what-help-can-i-claim-from-the-council/covid-test-and-trace-support-payments/     

Otherwise, for the most vulnerable households that have been affected by the pandemic and are struggling to pay for food or other essential bills we have discretionary funds through which we might be able to help.

The Council has been granted an Emergency Fund through DEFRA and funding through a Winter Grant Scheme through the Department for Work & Pensions to help those residents in Shropshire that are most in need.  Between them, these funds will be able to help the most vulnerable with the cost of food, energy and water bills and other essential outgoings.

A proportion of the Winter Grant Scheme funding will be used to support the families of children who would normally get a free school meal, or who have a 24U/Early Year Pupil Premium entitlement, with support for food through the Christmas break, Spring half-term 2021 and the  Easter 2021 holidays. This will be arranged via schools and nurseries, with funding being transferred into their budgets to underwrite the costs.  The vast majority of school and early years settings will be distributing vouchers to be used at local supermarkets, though some schools may be making alternative local arrangements for their families.   Schools and settings will be contacting and liaising with their families who qualify for support and any enquiries should be addressed directly to them.  Vouchers will be distributed before the end of term. 

The remaining money will work alongside the Emergency fund to help provide for a wide range of help for those most in need. 

There is one application process which can be done over the phone (a paper form is available on request). Our advisers will go through the person’s circumstances and will complete an initial application, at the same time they will be able to point people in the direction of other help and advice available. After that, a specialist adviser will deal with the application, including any supporting information we may need to help us decide. 

These awards are aimed at people in hardship and who are struggling to manage during the Covid pandemic. A person does not need to be getting benefits in order to qualify, each application will be looked at on its merits and will take all circumstances into account, including any other money that the person might have available to help.

So if you, or someone you know, is having difficulty meeting essential outgoings, call us on 0345 678 9078. 

Please note that this is limited funding, and once it's spent we will no longer be able to provide assistance from this grant funding, so please don’t delay.

If you have any queries regarding this grant, please contact us on 0345 678 9078.

Lucy Simpson

Welfare Reform and Support and Face to Face Manager, Shropshire Council, Shirehall, Abbey Foregate, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, SY2 6ND

Tel:        01743 256140; Mob:     07990 087669; Email:   lucy.simpson@shropshire.gov.uk; Web:    www.shropshire.gov.uk

2nd December 2020

Diddlebury Parish Council has purchased 288 Smartwater Kits. The kits are free to Diddlebury parishioners and are currently being posted out to each household in the parish.

Each bottle of Smartwater contains a unique forensic code which will be held on an accredited data base.  That code will be registered to the occupiers of each household.  If, having marked their valuables with the Smartwater fluid, the goods are subsequently stolen but recovered by the Police, Smartwater will use the unique code to link goods back to their rightful owner. An additional advantage of the Smartwater system is the Police will be placing prominent notices around the parish advising would-be burglars that Diddlebury is a Smartwater area.  Statistics compiled have shown that burglars are deterred by the knowledge that goods stolen by them will be traceable. As some adjoining parishes have also adopted the Smartwater system, it is hoped in time the Corvedale may become a theft free area.

In some instances we do not have details of the occupiers of properties.  If you do not receive a kit by January 2021 please contact the Clerk:  Mrs J de Rusett, 1 Pipe Aston Barns, Pipe Aston, Ludlow, SY8 2HG Tel: 01568 770741, diddleburypc@gmail.com so we can arrange to get a kit to you.